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    How do I add Paya's email IP Addresses to my SPF Record?

    Paya has identified a situation where email notifications sent by Paya, on your behalf, to your customers are not being received consistently. To resolve the issue, the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record technique is used. SPF is an email authentication technique that is used to prevent email spoofing or a malicious person from sending unauthorized emails on your behalf. If you haven’t published an SPF record, the email can be marked as spam or be rejected.


    To resolve this issue, your IT team needs to update your email server to add Paya’s IP Addresses to your  Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record to allow emails generating from Paya to be sent on your behalf.  This will allow transaction confirmations to be generated and sent to your customers. 

    Please add these IP addresses to your SPF Record             


    Steps to Create or Modify the SPF Record

    1. Start with the SPF version, this part defines the record as SPF. An SPF record should always start with the version number v=spf1 (version 1) this tag defines the record as SPF. 
    2. After including the v=spf1 SPF version tag you should follow with all IP addresses that are authorized to send email on your behalf. For example: v=spf1 ip4: 
    3. Next, add an include tag for paya as an organization that is sending email on your behalf. This tag indicates that this particular third party is authorized to send email on behalf of your domain. 
    4. End your record with an ~all or -all tag. The all tag is an important part of the SPF record as it indicates what policy should be applied when ISPs detect a server which is not listed in your SPF record. 
      1. -all Fail – servers that aren’t listed in the SPF record are not authorized to send email (not compliant emails will be rejected)
      2. ~all Softfail – If the email is received from a server that isn’t listed, the email will be marked as a soft fail (emails will be accepted but marked).

    If you do not use an SPF Record, or do not have access to it, please log in to Payment Center, Paya Exchange Management System or Virtual Terminal and update your email templates so that the FROM address is noreply@paya.com. Please follow these instructions to update the email address:

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    How do I change the address that my Order Confirmation emails are sent from in Payment Center? 

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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