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    Why was I charged a PCI Non-Compliance Fee?


    Why was I charged a PCI Non-Compliance Fee?


    This fee was charged because our records indicate that you did not complete the PCI-Certification process. You will continue to be charged each month until your certification is completed.


    All Merchants are required to obtain an Attestation of Compliance with the applicable Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) on an annual basis. Paya has partnered with Aperia to help Merchants obtain their Attestation of Compliance with PCI-DSS. Compliance with PCI-DSS means that your cardholder information is protected, and your customers can trust you with their sensitive payment card information. Our PCI Compliance program’s resources help you protect your business and attain and maintain PCI-DSS compliance. Please visit www.pciapply.com/paya and click on the First Time Logging-In link to begin your Certification process or to learn more about these requirements.

    Credit card processors are required to notify card association(s) on a quarterly basis to identify any merchant who is not PCI compliant. Merchants can face penalties and fines by credit card association(s) for not being compliant and may even have their ability to accept credit card payments terminated.

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