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    How do I ensure my business is PCI compliant with Aperia?


    Paya PCI-DSS Compliance Program


    In partnership with Aperia, Paya is providing your business with the Paya PCI-DSS Compliance Program. This program will help you easily approach your requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).


    Getting started with the Aperia PCI DSS Compliance Program (recommended by Paya) to become PCI Compliant is easy! 

    1. If you are a returning PCI Compliant Merchant simply visit www.pciapply.com/paya¸we have already set up your account within Aperia. 
      1. Enter your Merchant ID (i.e., 3948000000012345) into the username field
      2. Your password will be the last 5 digits and the business 2-character state code (i.e., 12345VA).
    2. If you are a new Merchant or your business has not completed a PCI Compliance Survey in the past. You will need to set up a new account.
      1. Have your Merchant ID handy to link to your pre-registered account.
      2. Visit www.pciapply.com/paya, and click the Start Here link.
      3. Fill in the username with your primary Merchant ID, the last four of the Federal Tax ID or the last four of the SSN, the 2-character state code, and your zip code.

    The Paya PCI-DSS Compliance Program will provide you with tools to help you validate compliance and protect your business for the long term through data security best practices. 

    PCI DSS Compliance Program Highlights

    • Paya has been listening to your feedback and we have negotiated with our PCI provider, Aperia, to provide you with a breach coverage program to help protect your business. Data Breach Coverage includes financial coverage to help offset the expensive costs of a data breach, up to $50,000.00 per MID.
    • The annual cost will be applied to your June statement each year.
    • Simplified billing process so you always know when to expect your PCI DSS annual renewal.

    Aperia Merchant Breach Coverage Program

    Who is at risk for a Data Breach?

    Aperia’s Data Breach team investigates hundreds of data breaches each year. Small Merchants are hit especially hard by the financial damages. The fines, assessments, and expenses Merchants are required to pay even if a breach is only suspected could cost them thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Aperia’s Data Breach Protection will help you limit the financial risk associated with a data security incident by providing coverage for forensic investigations, card brand fines, equipment upgrades in lieu of fines, and expenses related to mandatory consumer notifications.

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