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    What data is available on the reports for the Advanced Fraud Protection service in My Virtual Reports?


    Guide to Advanced Fraud Protection reporting in My Virtual Reports


    The My Virtual Reports (MVR) portal (What is My Virtual Reports? ) allows the review of orders assessed through the Advanced Fraud Protection (AFV) fraud and risk mitigation system. The MVR portal allows the review of transnational information, such as transaction date/time, card number, and order number, as well as a set of fraud risk responses generated by the AFP system. These responses are listed below, and a short description is provided for a better understanding.  Please see Where can I review transactions that were identified by the Advanced Fraud Protection services? 


    Decision Description
    A Approved transaction by the AFP system*
    D Declined transaction by the AFP system*
      *Note: Approval or decline by the AFP system is not an indication that the issuing bank will generate an approval code and authorize the transaction.


    Rules Triggered Description
    0-100 The number of risk rules triggered within the AFP system by the transaction.


    Score Description
    1-99 The risk score indicates the likelihood that an order is fraudulent or represents a risk of loss. Low scores indicate a low risk of fraud, while the high scores may indicate a high likelihood of fraud or risk of loss for the order.

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