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    Verifone VX Series Certification Expiration Troubleshooting Guide





    Troubleshooting process for Verifone VX series certification expiration - 6/25/2019


    If the terminal is stuck in the boot cycle, follow the PARAMETER UPDATE ONLY.

    Verifone VX520 Device Continually Rebooting

    Verifone VX680 Device Continually Rebooting

    If the terminal is no longer stuck in the reboot cycle, no additional steps should be necessary.

    If the terminal is not stuck in the boot cycle:

        1.  Check the time and date set in the terminal to confirm it is after 8:20 PM PST on 6/25 (terminal date and time could be incorrect)

        2.  Power cycle the terminal (unplug terminal, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the terminal)

        3.  If the terminal starts the boot cycle - perform the parameter update only

        4.  If the terminal does not start the boot cycle – no action is necessary 

    You might need to settle transactions, or retrieve lost transactions.  Follow steps below.

    1. From the main screen (sale/settlement/void) press the gray next to the Settle Option (F3).  
    2. The terminal will prompt you to confirm the settlement amount.  Press Enter to continue.
    3. The terminal may prompt you to confirm refund or credit amount.  Press Enter to Complete.

    If you cannot complete these steps, you'll need to print the detail report.  Follow the steps below: 

        1.  From the main screen (sale/settlement/void) press the far right purple key to bring up "Reports       Menu".

        2.  Press F3 for "Detail Report" which will automatically print this report.

    If this step fails, perform a full download.  Steps found here: Vx520 Full Download Process

    If there were transactions that you were unable to settle, please contact us at 800-261-0240, or email us at support@paya.com. 

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