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    Permissions in Sage50 US that Grant or Deny User Access to the Payment Center

    Permissions in Sage50 US that grant or deny user access to the Payment Center


    Payment Center
    Sage50 - US Edition


    Which permissions in Sage50 US Edition will impact a user's access to the Payment Center?

    To find out which permissions determine whether a user is allowed to access and use the Payment Center, please follow the instructions below:

    In Sage50 US, navigate to the "System" and "Set Up Security," where you can either edit the "Role" or the "User's Rights." Click on the "Customers & Sales" menu in the left pane. Under the "Task Area" in the Window to the right, set both "Receive Money" and "Sales/Invoicing" to "No Access" to deny the Payment Center access to a user. And set both "Receive Money" and "Sales/Invoicing" to "Full Access" if you wish to allow a user to access the Payment Center:

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