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    New and Revised Mastercard Data Integrity Monitoring Program Edits

    MasterCard is updating its Data Integrity Monitoring Program to include new and revised edits for system programs. New program edits affect funding transactions, the Addendum Data Performance Program, and Online Gambling Authorizations. Revised program edits affect Digital Secure Remote Payment (DSRP) Cryptogram and Card Acceptor Business Code.

    New and Updated Edit Includes:

    • AcquirerAuthorization Dual Message System
      • Funding transactions 0100 (edit number not assigned)
      • Edit 27: DSRP Cryptogram Placement_0100
      • Gambling Authorization 0100 (edit number not assigned)
    • Acquirer Debit Single Message System
      • Funding transactions 0200 (edit number not assigned)
      • Edit 16: DSRP Cryptogram Placement_0200
    • Acquirer Cleaning Dual Message System
      • Edit 13: MCC_MATCH
      • Edit 21: High-Risk MCC Mismatch

    The New Addendum Data Performance Program includes: 

    • Edit 1: PDS 0507 Issuing Carrier
    • Edit 2: PDF 0509 Issue Date
    • Edit 3: PDF 0520 Travel Date
    • Edit 4: PDS 0574 Arrival Date
    • Edit 5: PDS 0577 Property Phone Number 

    Client Action

    Point-of-sale devices, downstream applications, services, and policies might be affected. Determine how the new edits impact your business and prepare remediation for potential fines. 

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