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    Paya Convenience Fees

    Partner Convenience Fees with Paya


    Paya Connect

    Convenience Fees


    When using convenience fees with Paya Connect, please review the information below when considering convenience fees for your integration/solution. 


    A convenience fee is a flat dollar amount, and this can be assessed for the "convenience" of using certain payment methods not standard to a typical merchant. You can think of a convenience fee as the convenience of purchasing something such as movie tickets online from the comfort of your couch, rather than standing in line in person. If you want to pay for your movie passes online and you can pick your seats ahead of time, that is the "convenience" of paying online and there may be a convenience fee associated with that purchase. 

    In many cases, convenience fees are commonly applied to utility bills, rent, tuition, or vehicle registration fees. Many organizations can accept these types of payments in person by cash or check, which is why the convenience of paying by credit card with a fee is assessed. 

    Please review the Do's and Don'ts of convenience fees noted below:

    • A convenience fee acknowledgment form must be completed for Paya.
    • A convenience fee cannot be used if you use surcharging (it must be one or the other and cannot be both).  
    • Customer's must-have online (Card Not Present (CNP)) and retail (Card Present) presence. 
    • Cannot be charged on recurring or installment transactions or CP (Card Present) environments. 

    For additional information on Surcharging, please follow the link below:

    Paya Surcharge Fees

    If you are interested in setting up convenience fees, please reach out to your assigned Partner Rep. If you do not know who your assigned Partner Rep is, please reach out to our Partner Support Team - PartnerSupport.Paya@nuvei.com

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