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    How do I process a transaction on the SwipeSimple web dashboard?


    Paya EMV Mobile


    Processing a transaction on the web dashboard


    You can process a transaction on the SwipeSimple web dashboard by clicking on the Virtual Terminal from the menu on the left.

    SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal allows you to take keyed card transactions using any device, even without a reader.

    Address Verification Service (AVS) will be supported. AVS lets you feed a cardholder’s address when taking keyed transactions, and the address will be checked against the cardholder’s address on file to offer additional verification and fraud prevention. AVS response will be displayed on the transaction details page for Virtual Terminal transactions that utilize AVS.

    Create a New Transaction

    Create a new keyed-entered transaction on the Virtual Terminal page by entering the following details:

    • Amount
    • Credit Card Number
    • Card Expiration Date
    • Card CVV
    • Cardholder Name (optional)
    • Reference Number (optional)
    • Street Address – including Address, City, State, and ZIP Code (optional)

    Click on “Charge” to process the transaction.

    Transaction Results

    Keyed-entered transactions may be Approved, Declined, or result in an Error.

    Click on “Full Transaction Details” to view transaction details (including card and merchant account details), or to perform a void or refund.

    Click on “Print Receipt” or “Send Receipt” to print or send a receipt as an email or text.

    To retry Declined or Error transactions, close the dialogue box by clicking on X and re-enter transaction details.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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