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    What troubleshooting steps should I follow to connect my Swift B2500 or Swift B250 card reader to an Android device?


    Paya EMV Mobile


    Connecting Paya EMV Mobile card reader to Android device


    1. Please ensure that your device is running Android OS version 5.0 and above.
    2. Ensure that you’re using the most updated version of the application. The Swift B200 and B250 are compatible with SwipeSimple version 4.0 and above.
    3. Please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device. This can be enabled through the settings section on your device.
    4. Please note that the readers do not need to be paired before use, the SwipeSimple app will automatically detect your Swift reader during a sale or transaction.
    5. If your card reader cannot be detected during a sale or transaction, please ensure that both your device and card reader are within 10-15 feet.
    6. Ensure that the desired reader is selected before swiping or dipping a card, or accepting NFC contactless payments.
    7. Please ensure that the card reader is fully charged, this may be done using the micro USB cord that is provided.
    8. If you are unable to connect your card reader, please press and hold the power button to restart your card reader.
    9. For further assistance, please go to Settings > Support on the SwipeSimple app and click on Send Diagnostic Email.

    Download Swift B200 user guide
    Download Swift B250 user guide

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