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    Fixing Paya Connect Desktop 2.0 Installation and Updates

    Correcting Paya Connect Desktop 2.0 installation issues
    Removing Paya Connect Desktop 2.0
    Issues with updating Paya Connect Desktop 2.0


    This article gives steps to completely remove Paya Connect Desktop 2.0 from a computer. This should also be used if there are problems installing or updating Paya Connect Desktop 2.0


    Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 Steps

    1. If you are using an IPP320 or L5300 make sure they are disconnected from the computer first
    2. Open the Control Panel and in the Programs and Features Menu
    3. Right-click on Sage Exchange and Select the option to Uninstall Sage Exchange
    4. Open the "Start Menu"
    5. Paste "C:\ProgramFiles (x86)" (without the quotes)
    6. Delete the "Sage Payment Solutions" folder
    7. Paste "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\" (without the quotes)
    8. Delete the "Sage Payment Solutions" folder
    9. Paste "C:\ProgramData"  without the quotes
    10. Delete the "Sage Payment Solutions" folder
    11. Download the latest version of the Paya Connect Desktop Bootstrapper from https://www.sageexchange.com/install/#/sedv2x/en
    12. Extract and run SageExchangeDesktopBootstrapper.exe 
    13. Navigate to the SageExchangeDesktopBootstrapper.exe file
    14. Right-click and Run as Administrator
    15. Follow installation steps

    When the installer has finished running and you do not receive a "Download and Install" window, this is normally an indication of possible malware on the computer. It is recommended to run an anti-malware scan of the computer (this is normally different than a virus scan).


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