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    ACCOUNT UPDATER 2.0: What is the Account Updater?


    What is Account Updater 2.0?


    The Account Updater is a paid service offered to Paya merchants that automatically updates the credit card and expiration date information stored in the Paya Vault and Virtual Terminal Recurring Transaction customer records. This service checks Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover card information.

    • Any card stored in the Paya Vault that has been accessed (added, updated, or charged) in the last 95 days will be checked against the card brand.
    • Any Recurring Transaction record with an Active status will be checked against the card brand.

    Any changes to the card number or expiration date will be returned to the Vault or Recurring Transaction record. Account Updater reduces or eliminates the need for you to reach out to each of your customers to update their individual payment records.

    You can access a report of updates that were made over a period of time by logging into https://www.myvirtualreports.com and selecting Reporting, Account Updater 2.0 Report.

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