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    How do I add the Paya Virtual Terminal shopping cart to my website?


    what are the steps for adding the Virtual Terminal Shopping cart to my website?


    The shopping cart that is offered in the Virtual Terminal has several integration options.  Details can be found in our tutorial pdfSetting up Your Sage Shopping Cart.

    1. Catalog Service – This is our hosted webpage where a merchant can setup their Departments and Products for purchase.  Departments, Products and Configuration options can be found within the VT by clicking on the Shopping Cart tab.  You can change the background colors and font as well as upload a banner image to make it look more like your website.  This is a very basic page and does not have a lot of customization options.  But this is a simple solution for a merchant that wants to add a shopping cart to their website quickly and easily.  All changes and additions to products are updated to this page in real time.  To integrate this solution, simply insert the Integration Code URL found under Shopping Cart>Configuration into your webpage.
    2. Buy Now Product Links – This is similar to the catalog service as you would still complete the same setup with the departments, products and configuration.  However, instead of using our catalog page to display the products, you would create your own product pages for your website.  All you would take from us is the individual product hyperlinks and insert them next to each product on your product pages.  Note: If you make any changes to your products in the Virtual Terminal, you will need to update the product on your page because we do not have control over the product information on your web pages.  To integrate this solution, simply insert each product URL found in the Product Detail/HTML Code for Integration into your catalog page.
    3. HTML/Product Array Method – This method does not use our Departments or Products management in the Virtual Terminal at all.  This is a solution for a merchant that may need drop-down menus for their product descriptions. With this method you would still setup your configuration in the VT (which includes the banner image, colors, font, shipping options, etc..) but all the product information would be built into an HTML form on your website which you would program to post the information to our secure check out page.
    4. Express Pay – This is basically the same as the HTML method, but does not require product information.  This is used by merchants who just want to collect a payment amount and do not require any information about what is being purchased on the transaction details.


     If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will assist you.

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