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    Charging a credit card in Sage DacEasy point-of-sale


    How do I charge a credit card in Sage DacEasy point-of-sale?


    1. In the Point-of-Sale, select 'Process' > 'Sales Register' and then the login dialog will appear.
    2. Select a 'Salesperson Code' from the salesperson's look-up by pressing the 'Lookup' icon next to the code field.
    3. Click 'OK' on the login dialog to proceed to the 'Sales Register' dialog.
    4. The system can either default to the header or detail portion of the sales receipt. If you are required to enter a 'Customer Code', select the 'Lookup' and choose a customer. Fill in the rest of the fields in the 'Sales Register' header as you wish. If you want to take the default values entered by DacEasy, press the F10 key to move to the detail section.
    5. Enter an 'Item Code' in the 'Item Number' column. You can use the 'Lookup' icon to select from a list of existing products (choose 2-SECTIONAL if you are using sample data).
    6. Press F10 or click 'OK' to move to the footer section of the 'Sales Register'. The cursor will be positioned on the 'Received' field unless you have not defined a default method of payment in the 'System Preferences'.
    7. Enter a credit card type in the 'Method of Payment' field (Visa, MC, etc.).
    8. Enter the amount received, or use the default total sale amount and click 'OK' or press F10 to process the transaction.
    9. The Sage Exchange dialog window will appear, you can go ahead and enter any necessary information and press 'Submit' when ready.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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