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    How do I Activate my BlueFin P2PE EMV Device?


    P2PE devices require a unique intake process that maintains the chain of custody for these devices. It is one of the defining characteristics of a P2PE product and must be followed in order to maintain the P2PE certification. The terminals will not process transactions until it has been completed.


    You will need:

    • The device and cable
    • The Security Seal
      • The device comes wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. Do NOT throw away the bag and attached security seal!
    • Your login credentials for the Bluefin P2PE Manager portal
      • https://bluefin.p2pemanager.com
      • Your Custodian (point person at your organization) will have received the login credentials via email prior to your device being delivered.

    To activate your device:

    • Log in to the P2PE Manager
    • Click on Shipments at the top of the page
    • Locate the shipment you wish to receive by matching the tracking number in the portal to the tracking number on the package
    • Click the View button (it looks like an eye) to the left of the Shipment
    • Click RECEIVE
    • Look through the plastic and locate the Serial No, or S/N on the back of the device
    • Input that value in the Serial Number or Alternate Key field. This should be pre-filled, otherwise, input the numbers immediately following "PP" in the Serial No
    • Input the number from the Security Seal on the outside of the plastic package containing the device in the Tamper Label field
    • If you are ready to start using the terminal immediately, check the box labeled Auto Activate Device
    • Click RECEIVE
    • The Device State will change to Activating in P2PE Manager
    • Once you submit a transaction, the status will change to Activated

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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