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    Mobile device volume is maximized but the card reader still isn't working

    Mobile device volume is maximized, but the card reader still isn't working


    I've maximized the volume on my mobile device, why does my card swiper still not work?


    Headset volume must also be maxed. On some phone models, the ringer volume is different from headset volume. 

    Troubleshooting Tips

    1. Press Swipe Now in the app and then maximize volume.
    2. If your phone has a protective sleeve, make sure the sleeve isn’t preventing the device from being plugged in all the way.
    3. Make sure your speakerphone is turned off before swiping.
    4. Make sure the magstripe on the credit card is facing the right direction. If you are looking at the front of your swiper, you should also be looking at the magstripe.
    5. Make sure that your phone is taken off Silent Mode.
    6. Make sure the microphone is enabled on your device.

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