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    Girl Scouts Accepting Payments through Paya Mobile Payments Application


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    Girl Scouts Accepting Payments through Paya Mobile Payments Application


    Paya has partnered with numerous Girl Scout Councils to add mobile payment as an option for cookie sales. To date, 32 Girl Scout Councils in 23 states, representing more than 40,000 troops, can now use Paya Mobile Payments, Paya's Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant mobile payments product.
    Girl Scout Councils are primarily funded through the cookie program and fundraising activities. Troops sell 11 varieties of cookies, with 70% of the proceeds funding Girl Scouts programming. Girl Scout leaders, scouts, and parents across the U.S. are now using the Paya Mobile Payments application and credit card swiper, which attaches to most phones as a means to accept secure credit card payments for Girl Scout cookies.

    Paya Mobile Payments comes bundled with a Paya merchant account and allows organizations like the Girl Scouts to cost-effectively and securely process credit and debit card transactions on mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, including Appleā€™s iPad, across all major wireless carriers.

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