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    Error: Services Are Not Enabled - Donate Now payment form

    Please Note: The Sage Virtual Terminal has been updated to a newer version that offers new features and functionality of the program. This article refers to the previous version. For instructions on using the new Sage Exchange Virtual Terminal, please visit: New Sage Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions.

    Donate Now payment form says "Services Are Not Enabled".


    Why does my Donate Now payment form say "Services Are Not Enabled"?


    The Donate Now payment form is configured from within the Virtual Terminal.

    View your form:

    1. Go to the Donate Now menu
    2. Select Configuration
    3. You'll be taken to the Appearance tab, which contains an integration code -- this URL is the link to your payment form.
    4. When you first try to look at your page, you may get a blank page with the message "DONATE-NOW Services Are Not Enabled".
    5. This indicates that none of the services/options have been turned on.
    6. You can browse these features under the Configuration tab. We strongly recommend enabling the Donation Summary Email.

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