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    What is the Annual Attestation Process for BlueFin P2Pe Devices?


    BlueFin P2Pe Terminals 

    BlueFin P2Pe Manager


    In order to maintain PCI compliance with BlueFin P2Pe encrypted terminals and pin pads, end users are required to attest to the status of the devices on their accounts.  


    BlueFins' P2Pe Manager will email an annual notice to the end users' PCI contact with instructions on how to complete the yearly attestation letter.  

    To complete the attestation letter, Merchants will need to log on to the P2Pe Manager at https://bluefin.p2pemanager.com, and then click on the tab at the top labeled Attestations. Here the Merchant will be presented with a list of devices that need to be reviewed; these will be identified by the unit's serial number. Essentially the review is to ensure the following information:

    1. The Merchant is still in possession of the listed devices. 
    2. The listed devices have not been tampered with.
    3. The devices are not damaged. 
    4. The units listed are in the same condition and location they are expected to be in.       

    The attestation process will require that the merchant/end-user upload photos of each unit listed.  

    For additional questions about the P2Pe attestation process on your BlueFin account, please review the Documentation tab in the P2Pe Manager portal or email service@bluefin.com with any further questions.  

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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