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    Maintenance and Service Interruption Alerts

    Postback Service through Paya Connect Desktop and Paya Exchange Virtual Desktop is Not Available


    09/18 02:50 pm EDT -Paya is aware that postback services through Paya Connect Desktop and Paya Exchange Virtual Desktop are not returning data. The issue was first identifeid at approximately 12:52 pm EDT. We are working diligently to identify the problem and return service to normal as quickly as possible.

    Paya Virtual Terminal and Paya Exchange Recurring Schedules Have Not Processed


    09/19 09:50 am EDT -The job to re-run outstanding scheduled from 09/15 was completed on 09/18 at approximately 09:00 pm EDT. We have received some reports of schedules for which the Next Run Date advanced but transactions were not processed. We are investigating those cases as they come up. If you have experienced this behavior please contact our Support team for assistance in processing the missing transactions.

    09/18 06:45 pm EDT -We began the process of running previously missed schedules from 09/15 at 04:30 pm EDT today.

    09/18 03:00 pm EDT -We've verified that our reprocessing logic missed some of the schedules on 09/15; we are prepared to run those schedules this afternoon.

    09/18 09:30 am EDT -We are investigating numerous reports of recurring transactions scheduled for 09/15/2019 and 09/16/2019 that still have not processed, although the Next Run Date has been advanced as expected.

    09/18 08:10 am EDT -We completed reprocessing the recurring schedules for 09/14 through 09/17 at approximately 09:00 pm EDT yesterday. If you manually processed any of these schedules on Tuesday 09/17, please double-check your account to verify that your schedule was not processed yesterday afternoon or evening.

    09/17 07:14 pm EDT -We have completed reprocessing the recurring schedules for 09/14 and 09/17. We are moving forward with 09/15 and 09/16 this evening.

    09/17 10:40 am EDT -The recurring transactions scheduled for today, 09/17/2019, are being processed now.

    09/17 09:34 am EDT -Anyone who opts to run their recurring payments manually should make sure to edit the Recurring Schedule upon completion. Change the Next Run Date to the next date you would like your recurring schedule to run. If it's a monthly schedule that should have run on 09/15/19, for instance, then change Next Run Date to 10/15/19.

    09/17 08:31 am EDT -Paya has determined that recurring schedules did not process on September 17, 2019 as well. We are working to re-run the schedules for the last four days as quickly as possible.

    09/16 09:25 am EDT -Paya is investigating an issue that has resulted in Recurring Schedules not processing beginning on September 14, 2019. Impacted users can log in to Virtual Terminal or Paya Exchange and go to their Recurring Schedules to validate whether they have processed. If the Next Run Date is still listed as 09/14/2019, 09/15/2019 or 09/16/2019, then that schedule was not processed, which means customers have not been charged and funds have not been collected.

    We are working to re-run the Recurring Schedules for these three dates as quickly as possible. We ask that you refrain from manually charging any of your impacted recurring customers for now.

    Please note that if your recurring payments are maintained through a third-party integration, then you are not impacted. 

    Connectivity Errors in Paya Exchange Portal and Integrated Solutions


    09/18 06:01 pm EDT -We have not experienced any new occurences of 411411 ITEM NOT FOUND following last night's deployment.

    09/18 08:10 am EDT -We've deployed an additional update which we expect to address the sporadic 411411 ITEM NOT FOUND errors that a small number of our customers have been experiencing. We will continue to closely monitor our systems throughout the day.

    09/17 07:14 pm EDT -Paya has not experienced connectivity errors in the last 24 hours. The number of 411411 errors has been reduced and we anticipate deploying an update in the near future that will further reduce or eliminate those errors as well.

    09/16 06:12 pm EDT -We are continuing to closely monitor our service and have not seen any further instances of connectivty issues.

    09/16 03:38 pm EDT -We have completed implementation of our adjustment as of approximately 3:00 pm EDT and we have no record of any connectivity errors in the last 30 minutes.

    09/16 12:57 pm EDT -We are kicking off a process that we expect to address the majority of connectivty issues that customers have experienced over the last few days. The process may run for an hour or more. Our teams are ready to assess the volume of connectivity failures that occur following completion. No action is required of our customers or partners during this time.

    09/16 11:00 am EDT -We've identified an increase in the number of connectivity errors beginning at approximatey 10:30 am EDT. We are working to identify the reason for the increase as quickly as possible. Our overall investigation into the ultimate root cause remains ongoing.

    09/13 12:30 pm EDT -We are continuing to investigate the reason for the errors that various customer are experiencing with Paya Exchange. The sporadic nature of the behavior makes it difficult to identify and determine the root cause. We are currently working to deploy resources that will aid us in determining the cause of the problem. Our apologies for the ongoing inconvenience.

    09/12 04:45 pm EDT -While the volume of errors has declined overall, there are still a higher than normal volume occurring. Our investigation is ongoing.

    09/12 11:50 am EDT -Some Paya Exchange users have reported errors when attempting to log in to https://www.sageexchange.com/sep or when attempting to perform payment and vault transactions through Paya Exchange Virtual Desktop and Paya Connect Desktop integrations. Impacted users may see "Processing Error," "411411 ITEM NOT FOUND" or "Sage Exchange connection currently unavailable." Other responses are possible based on the integrated solution.

    Paya is investigating these reports to identify the cause of these errors and restore service to normal as quickly as possible. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

    Account Updater has no results after August 19, 2019

    09/16 06:10 pm EDT -Paya has verifed that all missing dates imported into Account Updater. The process was completed on 09/13/2019 at approximately 07:30 pm EDT.

    09/13 12:30 pm EDT -Paya is in the process of uploading the Account Updates that were not previously recorded between August 19 and September 12, 2019. We expect this to be completed by the end of the day today, September 13, 2019.

    09/12 02:30 pm EDT -We are investigating an issue in which our Account Updater service has not posted any new information since August 19, 2019. We will have this service restored as quickly as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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