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    How to create an integration user for Paya Connect as an automated process


    Paya Connect 

    Paya Connect Developers Tool Kit


    While this is just a guide of best practices, we suggest working with the Paya SDK team for additional consultation.  The intended audience for this article is only our integration partners and their development teams. Please note that additional code work will need to be done and any referenced sample(s) are only for educational purposes.  



    Some integrators will look to automatically create a Paya Connect local integration user to drive the API and Hosted requests coming from their Paya Connect Integrated solution.  The process outlined below will take the integrator through the workflow of creating a local integration user for each merchant that is onboarded to their solution. 


    Global Integration User - this is a hardcoded integration user that controls the creation of an integration user.  While this user might be used for other purposes, we will be referring to its user creation capabilities.

    Local Integration User - this is the location level integration user that will drive all ISV integrated solutions API and Hashed request. 


    1. Run a GET on the "locationinfo" endpoint, using the Global Integration Users credentials, to gather the Location Id using the supplied Location API ID.  As part of your onboarding and experience discussion, your team will work with Paya's experience team to determine what information will be set as the Location API ID.  Most integrators choose an internal account number.  
    2. Gather the location id and submit a POST request to the "users" endpoint, using the Global Integration Users credentials, to create the Local Integration User.  Important items to consider:
    3. Gather the Local Integration User's user id from the response of the creation of the user for the POST to "authroleusers" endpoint, using the Global Integration User credentials, to assign the integration roles.

    Please contact the SDK support team with any additional integration questions.  

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