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    Error: Unable to save configuration when setting up Sage 50 connections


    Why am I getting an 'Unable to Save Configuration' error when setting up Sage 50 for use with SageExchange.com?


    This error typically occurs when attempting to use plugins that were installed under a different Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) registration. It can be resolved by removing the plugins, re-registering with PCD Paya Connect Desktop.

    • Close Sage 50, using File > Exit.
    • Revoke the access token in SageExchange.com by finding the component and selecting 'Details' and then 'Revoke'.
    • Remove the plugins from SED by right-clicking on the icon in the icon tray and choosing 'Settings'; expand 'Data Exchange', select 'My Plugins', and then choose 'Remove' for any relevant plugin.
    • Close SED by right-clicking on the icon and choosing 'Exit'.
    • Start the Windows Task Manager and end the 'sageexchange.exe' and 'sehost32.exe' processes, if they are present.
    • In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Sage\Peachtree\Company\companyname\  -- if you installed Sage 50 elsewhere, adjust accordingly.
    • Delete, move, or rename the APIACCSS.DAT file.
    • In SageExchange.com, go to 'My Components' and select 'Add Component'. Copy the access token to your clipboard.
    • Reopen SED. Right-click on the icon, select 'Settings', and expand 'Data Exchange'. Select Register, and paste your access token. Press Sign In to complete the registration.
    • Go to 'Get Plugins' and reinstall the plugin/s.
    • Reopen Sage 50. You should see a prompt that asks 'Could not find APIACCSS.DAT, Do you want to create a brand new, empty file?' and select 'Yes'.
    • Close Sage 50, using File Exit.
    • In SED settings, select 'My Plugins' and select 'Enable'. You should receive an error that says 'There was a problem accessing your accounts'.
    • Reopen Sage 50.
    • You will see a 'Third Party Application Access' prompt within Sage 50. Choose 'Always Allow Access' and select 'OK'.
    • You should now be able to select 'General Ledgers' and save your configuration.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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