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    Setting Up Promotion Codes in the Virtual Terminal

    Setting Up Promotion Codes in the Virtual Terminal


    How do I set up Promotion Codes in the Virtual Terminal?


    Log into the Virtual Terminal and go to:

    1. Shopping Cart
    2. Promotions
    3. Click the checkbox to enable Promotions
    4. Click Add New Promotion 
    5. Code: Enter your promotion code (you may also use a letter/number combination)
    6. Promotion Type: The Promotion Type will allow you to select the discount type (you can only choose a percentage or fixed amount).
    7. Description: A description of the discount (ex. If you're doscounting percentage off subtotal. "20% off a minimum of $100").
    8. Amount $ or %: Enter the dollar value or percentage (do not include the symbol).
    9. Minimum: Enter the minimum dollar amount.
    10. Expiration: You have the ability to create a limited time only promotion. Add a checkmark and select your Start and End Date.
    11. Click  Add Promotion .

    Please Note:  The Expresspay, HTTP Post, XML Webservice, and Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop/Desktop integrations do not support promotion codes.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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