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    Which fields are required in an XML file import?

    Required fields in an XML file import


    Which fields are required in an XML file import?


    When uploading an XML file, the following data fields will be validated.  Please be sure to populate these fields with data, or else the file will not be able to process.  XML Sample and XML Schema Sample are also available as references.

    Field Name   FormatLengthRequiredDescription
    C_nameA/N1-50yesCustomers Name
    C_addressA/N1-50yesBilling Address
    C_cityA/N1-50yesBilling City
    C_stateA/N1-50yesBilling State
    C_zipN5-9yesBilling Zip
    C_countryA/N1-50yesBilling Country
    C_CardnumberN13-22yesCard Number (no dashes no spaces)
    C_expN4yesExpiration Date (MM/YY)
    T_amtNnoneyesTransaction Amount
    • 01= Sale

    • 02= Auth Only

    • 03= Force/Prior Auth Sale

    • 04= Void

    • 06= Credit

    • 11= Prior Auth Sale by Reference*

    *Required T_reference

    T_ordernumA/N1-50yesUnique Order Number

    Additional field requirements and descriptions: 

    T_authN6noPrevious (Voice) Authorization Code, Required for Force Transaction (T_code=03)
    T_trackdataA/Nnonefor retailData recorded from card reader
    T_referenceA/N10noUnique Reference, Required for Void and Prior

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly

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