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    How do I re-run a transaction in Paya Exchange?

    Processing a transaction from a previous transaction

    Paya Exchange (PEMS)

    Paya gateways (regardless of which interface: Virtual Terminal, Paya Exchange, Paya Virtual Terminal or Payment Center) store transactions for 18 months. If you need to charge a customer whom you've processed before, you can use a previous transaction to avoid re-collecting their information for subsequent attempts.  The steps below will guide you through this process within the Paya Exchange virtual terminal.  

    1. On the left-hand side of the Paya Exchange window under Quicklinks, click on Virtual Terminal. 
    2. Within the Virtual Terminal pop-up, choose a Virtual Terminal account to open in a new secure window by clicking Launch.

    3. In the Paya Exchange Virtual Terminal mini-app click the Quick Search link at the top right of the page to locate the transaction.

    4. Once on the Quick Search page, you may use one or more of the search criteria to locate the transaction. Please note you may need to adjust the date range to include the date when the original transaction was processed.

    5. After locating the transaction, click the green arrow on the right side of the transaction. This action will show you Buttons for Process and Recurring for the transaction.  

    6. Click Process to take you to the screen to process the payment again. Make sure that all fields marked with a green asterisk are filled out. 
    7. Once all required fields are filled in with the appropriate information, click Next at the bottom of the screen
    8. You will move on to the Shipping option. Fill out relevant information, click Next.
    9. You will now move on the Notes and Memos section if you wish to add internal comments, place these notes within the Notes and Memo Field which is for internal use only and will never be seen by the customer.
    10. Click Submit Transaction.

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