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    Registration and Search Tips

    Search Tips

    1. Select a product when you search. We have a lot of information in our knowledgebase. To get the results that are right for you, it helps to know what product you would like help with when you are searching by choosing the product from the Search Topics menu.
    2. Use the program terminology
    3. Use the names of the products, menu items, buttons or fields as you see them in the program
    4. Use the exact words used in an error message including spelling, spacing, and case.
    5. Refine your search by using the Advanced Search to drill down on search type, products and sub-folders
    6. After a search is performed you can refine the existing results with the filters on the right

    Why do I need to give the last 4 digits of my Bank Account?

    The last 4 digits of the bank account associated with your merchant account is necessary when registering for security purposes. We are very sensitive to security issues when it comes to your money, and this information along with your merchant ID helps us to verify and grant access to our online support site. 

    How do I log in?

    If starting from the Knowledgebase:

    1. Click the Log In button at the top of the page. 
    2. Log in to the Customer / Partner portal.
    3. You will be automatically returned to the knowledgebase page.

    I don’t have a login, how do I create one?

    Creating a portal account is free and easy.

    1. Simply click the Sign Up button at the top of the Paya Customer Portal, to get started.
    2. Then enter your account information
    3. Click Submit
    4. If you receive an error when creating your account, please email sagepayments@supportcenteronline.com and an account manager will be in touch with you shortly. 

    My login doesn’t work, who do I contact?

    Email sagepayments@supportcenteronline.com  with any and all portal / knowledgebase sign in questions.

    I forget my username or password, what do I do?

    You can reset your password by using the I forgot my password or I forgot my username links located on the Customer Sign-In page


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