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    TSYS Amex OptBlue April 2023 Enhancements


    TSYS updates to Amex OptBlue April 2023 enhancements changes are included below. There are no pricing changes listed but additional changes include:

    • Global Raw Data Reconciliation (GRRCN)
    • File Layout Updates
    • Installment Payment Provider (IPP) Program Introduction
    • Reintroduced Chargeback Reason Codes (informational, no action required)

    Effective Date: April 14, 2023

    Summary of Changes being Implemented:

    GRRCN File Updates 

    Amex is making changes to the GRRCN file.

    Section 6.0 Submission Record

    Section 7.0 Transaction Record

    Business Impact 

    The GRRCN file will include the new and renamed fields.


    IPP Program 

    Amex is introducing a new service, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), that is part of their initiative to be a diverse installment payment provider (IPP).

    MCC Assignment

    The merchant must be assigned MCC 5999 (Miscellaneous Specialty and Retail Shops) to be eligible for the IPP program.

    Permitted Industry Categories

    The merchant is restricted to offering installment payment services to a retail end beneficiary, as set forth in the Operating Regulations manual, Appendix A: American Express OptBlue Program Pricing and Signing Guidelines.


    Business Impact 

    There will be IPP transactions that flow through the Clearing and Settlement module from Authorizations.

    System Impact 

    There are no system impacts, this section is included for informational purposes. MCC 5999 is already supported at this time.


    Chargeback Reason Code Reintroduction 

    Amex is reintroducing chargeback reason codes for chargeback adjustments to the Chargeback File Detail Record, field 22, CB_REAS_CODE, positions 126-128.

    Business Impacts 

    The chargeback reason codes will be updated for the reintroduced codes. 

    System Impacts

    TSYS Acquiring Solutions will support these chargeback reason codes.

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