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    Setting up WiFi connection on the Tetra Move 5000 for Paya Connect


    Move 5000


    Only perform the wifi connect after programming the terminal to a location within Paya Connect.  


    1. From the Paya Connect "Powered by Paya" home screen enter "2634" and press the green "O" enter button
    2. Press the gray button above the red button. 
    3. Select the "Tetra Admin" menu.
    4. Select option 4 "Configure WiFi."
    5. Select option 2 "Scan Networks."
    6. the device will scan for wifi networks; select the network from the displayed list, or select other if the network is not visible or the SSID is hidden.
    7. Enter the WiFi password using the on-screen keyboard, and press the green "O" enter button.  I message will say network added.
    8. Then select option 3 "My Networks," and select the network.
    9. Select the "Connect" option. The WiFi icon on the upper left will turn green if successful.
    10. Restart the unit by holding the Yellow "<" button and the symbol key, on the keypad, at the same time. 

    The unit will reboot and the device will update.  

    Note: make sure the unit is plugged in or fully charged before doing these steps.   

    This article is for INTERNAL use only do not disseminate.  

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