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    What is Account Updater?


    Account Updater Service


    What is Account Updater?


    Account Updater is a paid service, which is offered to Paya merchants through VISA & Master Card (MC). When added to your merchant profile, the service will update credit card and expiration date information in the Paya Vault and in the Virtual Terminal Recurring Transaction customer records.

    Account Updater reduces or eliminates the need for you to reach out to each of your customers to update their individual payment records. VISA and MC automate this process for a nominal fee.

    The Account Updater service runs on the 25th of each month. On that date, we send out requests to Visa and MC; over the next few business days we will receive their responses back.  Log in to https://www.myvirtualreports.com and select Reporting, Account Updater Report to review the number of updates that were successfully made over a period of time.

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