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    How to enter multiple email address in the Virtual Terminal.

    Please Note: The Sage Virtual Terminal has been updated to a newer version that offers new features and functionality of the
    program. This article refers to the previous version. For instructions on using the new Sage Exchange Virtual Terminal,
    please visit: New Sage Exchange: Frequently Asked Questions.

    How to enter multiple email address in the Virtual Terminal.


    How do I enter multiple email addresses in the Virtual Terminal?


    How do I enter multiple email addresses?

    The Virtual Terminal has several features that require an email address -- for instance, user creation and order confirmations. These fields will accept multiple email addresses. We recommend using no more than two in a single location.

    To enter a pair of emails, separate the addresses with a semicolon (;) and a space. For example, let's say you want a confirmation email for a transaction to go out to both VirtualSupport@Sage.com and PhysicalSupport@Sage.com. In this case, you'd enter the email as "VirtualSupport@Sage.com; PhysicalSupport@Sage.com", like this:

    Can my users have multiple email addresses?

    Yes, both your administrator and subusers can have multiple emails associated with their username using the same method described above. For guidance creating or editing users, please see: How do I add a new user in the Virtual Terminal?

    Please note that if a multiple-email user ever needs to reset their password, they will need to use both emails, in the same order. For more on resetting passwords, please see: How do I unlock my Virtual Terminal and obtain a new password?

    How about the "From:" field in the Order Confirmation setups?

    The Order Confirmation pages (Configuration > Email Notifications) are used to configure the email notifications that are sent out to your customers. These pages have a From: field that determines the sender whom the recipients see and reply to.

    If multiple email addresses are entered in this field, the system will use the first one.

    What if I'm integrated through the API or XML Web Servies?

    Most methods of integration should not require an escape character in lieu of a semicolon. If necessary, however, &#59; is equivalent.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

    Last Modified: 02/15/2015

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