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    What is the Interchange Advantage Program


    Paya's Interchange Advantage Program (IAP)


    Would you like to qualify for the lowest interchange rates available, without having to do any of the heavy liftings? Our new transaction data enrichment service, Interchange Advantage Program, can help you do just that.


    Data enrichment provides passthrough and cost-plus merchants with a simple way to qualify for the lowest available interchange rates on your commercial card transactions by automatically populating transaction data fields. Commercial cards include any transactions that are Business to Business or Business to Government.

    For Example:

    Without IAPWith IAP
    Transaction Amount: $1,000.00Transaction Amount: $1,000.00
    Typical Rate: 2.7%Lower Rate: 1.9%
    Interchange Amount Due: $27.00 Interchange Amount Due: $19.00

    Data enrichment saves you time because you no longer have to manually fill out 15 plus commercial card transaction data fields, such as the local tax rate and amount, tax ID, and item description. This is automatically done for you. 

    Below is a sample of the required fields that our IAP program helps enrich.  

    For more information and to see if you qualify please contact your partner sales office directly, or call Paya Customer Support at 800-261-0240, option 2.

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