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    Paya Connect 3rd Party Vault Migration

    There are 3 Partners that we currently support:

    • REV.IO
    • Central Square (WSDL Token Migration for CC Tokens Only)
    • Recur360


    1. Verify the Merchant’s token processor and if there will be CC and ACH tokens.

    a.  Existing Processors Mapped Into The Token Migration Tool:

    • Authorize.Net
    • Stripe
    • IPPay
    • NMI
    • PaySimple
    • The Merchant is the token owner


    Note: If the Merchant houses their own tokens, please direct them to the Third Party Vault Migration - AutoPay Migration File Spec 2020.docx  as the file must be provided via SFTP in the “Paya File Format”.


    2. If the token processor is not covered above and a new token processor must be mapped to the token migration tool, the SLA is 4-6 weeks as development is required.

    a. Please have the Merchant request sample file(s) from their token processor

    b. A sample file is required for each file type that must be migrated. For example CC, ACH, and subscriptions/multi-billing

    c. Once the sample file is received, the Token Migration Team will review and advise if there are any additional specifications needed

    d. After the sample file is deemed acceptable for conversion, please allow 3-4 weeks for development time

    e. Once the new token processor is mapped, the tool is ready to process the live file, and the token migration call can be scheduled

    Note: If the live file is submitted instead of a sample file, the same development timeline applies


    3.  Send an e-mail to TokenMigrationThirdParty@paya.com advising that a 3rd Party Token Migration is needed and include the following:

    a. Name of Partner

    b. Name of Merchant

    c. Token Processor

    d. File types that will need migration: For example CC, ACH, and subscriptions/multi-billing

    e. Preferred timeframe or the date the Partner/Merchant needs the token migration completed

    Note: The PGP and SFTP process do not apply to Central Square, they follow a WSDL process


    4.   Request PGP keys from pgp@paya.com

    5.   Request SFTP credentials from SysOps@paya.com

    6.   Provide the PGP keys and SFTP credentials to the Partner or Merchant to provide to the token processor along with the AuthNetSFTPInstructions.docxwhich contains the steps to convert the token file and upload it to the SFTP.

    7.  Once the Partner or Merchant notifies that the file has been uploaded to the SFTP site, the Token Migration Team will schedule a call within 5 business days unless there is a specific date needed/requested.



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