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    INTERNAL: Token Migration from Legacy to Paya Connect


    Paya Connect


    How to migrate vault tokens from legacy gateway to Paya Connect


    First and foremost: Only Tech Ops and Customer Enablement enable migrations.

    The migration job occurs daily at ten minutes to midnight. At present, we can only migrate one merchant per day.

    The first step of the job creates a new Location ID and a new Product Transaction ID in Paya Connect. If the Location ID fails to board; nothing further happens. Report this failure to Incident Management.

    The next step is the creation of new Account Vaults, which are all assigned to a single Contact with a Name identical to the Contact Name from UNO.

    The migration job will check legacy gateway for new tokens to migrate to Account Vaults every night, until it is disabled.

    To start, send a calendar invite to techops@paya.com and customerenablement@paya.com for the date you'd like to run the migration. This is to avoid scheduling more than one merchant to migrate on the same day.

    In UNO, pull up the merchant account and choose Utilities, Order Wizard, then click the ADD SERVICES button in the Activate Services panel.
    Select Credit Card, CONTINUE, N/A, CONTINUE, then scroll down to the Paya Connect Vault Migration service, check the box, and click ADD SERVICES

    At 11:50 pm, the migration job will kick off for the merchant. A new location will be boarded to Paya Connect, then Account Vaults will be created from the legacy vault tokens.

    The following morning, log in to PCON to ensure the new location was created and tokens were migrated. If not, contact IncidentManagement@paya.com to determine the reason for the failure.

    Next, add all of the merchant's locations to a Sharing Group so that the Account Vaults can be used on any of the locations. Click Support in the top-right of the PCON UI, then choose Sharing Groups from the drop-down. Click ADD SHARING GROUP.

    User the merchant's DBA or Corporate Name as the Description and input the Location ID that was created during the vault migration process, then click SAVE.

    From the Sharing Groups menu, click on the ID for your newly created Sharing Group. Input the next Location ID on the right and click ADD. Repeat until you've added all of the merchant's locations.

    Once the merchant has completed their transition to Paya Connect, pull the account in UNO and disable "Paya Connect Vault Migration" from the Active Services panel. If you don't see this panel, click View in the top menu, then choose Products, Services.

    This article is for INTERNAL use only do not disseminate.  

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